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The Ponjicans


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Sites that we visit frequently...

Sweet L'il Ginger Shop

Sweet Lil' Ginger Shop is a splendid
place to purchase homemade super-scented
candles and unique wooden crafts. 

Bro. Hernandez' Dollar Shop!

The above site is a great place to shop for the holidays!

Tantito's Gift Shop
P.O. Box 121, Nottingham, PA 19362
610.932.8022 or 877.905.1999
*Mail Order/Phone Order
*Fund Raising Program
Hablamos Espanol

UPCI Ladies Ministries

I am always enriched by my time spent on
the above site.  I thank God for what the
women of our organization are doing to
further His kingdom.

Barnabas Group - UPCI Home Missions

Barnabas Group is an AMAZING site
for those inspired to minister.

The above site will give you information on our home church.