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The Ponjicans
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Dan and Christie go on a MISSIONS Trip to Jamaica

Dan and Christie on missions trip in Jamaica

Christie and Brittney

Bus ride in Jamaica

Christie and Jamaican girl

Dan playing drums

Street Service

Missions Team

This picture was taken in the Jamaican airport before we returned to Philadelphia.

Christie and Brittney posing for a picture =)
Christie looking to see if that white car is getting too close!  Help us Lord! 
Oh, by the way, the people in the picture are...
1st row: Christie and Bro. Berry (along with a tiny bit of Dan's face)
2nd row: Sis. McGray and Sis. Reece
3rd row: Andrew, Ryan and Danny
4th row: Stephanie
This picture was taken at a street service in Montego Bay.
This is Dan playing the drums at the street service in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Sis. Donna McGray singing along with our Jamaican brothers and sisters, while waiting for the service to begin.
This is a picture of the missions team in Jamaica with Bro. Archer, our faithful bus driver.